In Sa Cudia will find vestiges of the talayotic culture, ethnological and architectural heritage, all officially cataloged.
Sa Cudia, like the island of Menorca, contains many corners you need to know, … that will surprise you. Get informed: Santa Magdalena, Sa Tanca des nombres // Port Mahon, Ciutadella Cathedral, Monte Toro, Fornells Bay, Cala Pregonda, Favàritx, Cavalleria, Menorca Museum, Church of St. Mary Mahon with its spectacular organ (Blogoversary an organ concert !!!) … get informed, please !!!
The traditional Menorcan cuisine enriched by tinkering currently configured one of the most varied and complete kitchens of the Mediterranean. Visit «Sa Cuina dels angels» (Mahon), «Balearic Café» (Ciutadella), «Moli des Raco» (Mercadal), … consult !!!

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